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Court Of Appeals Rules In Ohio Workers’ Compensation Case

February 25, 2013

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February 25, 2013 Injuries stemming from an accident that occurs while working, but not necessarily at a place of employment, can lead to controversy regarding whether payment of Ohio Workers’ Compensation Benefits is appropriate. The case of Cossin v. Ohio State Home Services, Inc. et al. recently settled such a dispute. Court documents show an outside salesman for a basement waterproofing company rarely went to his company’s home office. He would instead call work each morning to receive a list of appointments he had with potential clients and then traveled to each location in a vehicle. This meant he spent roughly 90 percent of his workday in a car. One afternoon following an appointment, it began to snow. As road conditions began to quickly deteriorate, the salesman decided to head home rather than swing by the office. During the trip home, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. He suffered a head injury as a result and filed for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits. The insurance company argued the injuries did not occur in the line of duty as the man was heading home. The Ohio Court of Appeals disagreed, stating that not only did the worker’s injuries occur out of the course of his job, but also his employment was the directly related to the accident. The Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy encourage anyone who has been hurt in a work-related accident to look into their legal options for receiving compensation.

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