Hurt on the job? Medical bills piling up?

by Ben Wiborg | July 19th, 2013

Q: I got hurt at work, why am I getting billed for the medical treatment I received?

A: When you’re injured on the job, the medical bills for the treatment you receive are supposed to be paid by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (MCO) or your self-insured employer.  All too often the injured worker receives a bill for this treatment.  There can be any number of reasons for this, such as:

1. The claim  was contested by your employer, in which case no treatment will be paid for until and unless your claim is formally allowed.

2. The treatment  was provided without the physician or provider receiving prior authorization for the treatment.

3.   Or, perhaps most frustrating of all, the treatment was authorized, but not billed properly by the treating provider.  If bills for authorized treatment are not submitted with the appropriate detail and format, the bill will not be paid by the BWC.

If you are caught in a  maze of paperwork and medical bills after you have been injured on the job, our Worker’s Compensation Department can help you decipher the forms, documents and medical bills.

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