Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers Discuss Most Common Types of Workplace Accidents

by | January 8th, 2014

The Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy explain work-related accidents are a serious hazard to employees in the state of Ohio. In fact, data shows that last year, more than 97,000 workers in the state suffered injuries that resulted in workers’ compensation benefits being awarded.

Many citizens question what some of the most common risks for work-related accidents are. Data collected by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation shows the three types of incidents most commonly listed as the cause of a work place accident are:

  • Transportation Accidents– These incidents resulted in a total of 33 deaths in the state. A total of 23 workers were killed in motor vehicle collisions, while another six were killed after being struck by equipment. Four others died after being hit while crossing a street or walking in a roadway.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents– 15 workers died as the result of falls they suffered at the workplace.
  • Contact With Objects– A total of 20 workers were killed as the result of being struck by objects, tools, and other equipment on a jobsite, including seven workers who were crushed after being caught between two objects.

The law firm’s team of Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers such accidents pose to workers and encourage anyone who has been injured as the result of being involved in such an incident at the workplace to discuss their legal rights with a qualified attorney immediately.