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by: NPHM | November 28, 2012

Social Media Affecting Workers’ Compensation Claims

In this day and age, social media can have an impact on all aspects of life, including your workers’ compensation claim. When you are injured at work life does indeed go on, however, what you share about your personal life on social media can be used against you in your workers’ compensation claim. Your employer or their representative may be very attentive to your social media pages, and might use them to claim that your injuries are not apparent or otherwise twist the truth. For example, your claim is allowed or in the process of being additionally allowed for a shoulder injury and your family member invites you to a game of bowling. Do you post that you are going bowling on your social media page? First of all you should not be bowling; and even if you just hang out at the bowling alley with family and friends, you should absolutely not post it on any social media outlet.  If you do, you’re just giving your employer ammunition to oppose your claim. If you are in doubt and you post about your most recent vacation or boating trip, you risk the consequence of your employer or their representative seeing that status. It can result in an unfavorable result at a hearing. There are many negative repercussions that can occur as a result of what you share on social media. With the continuing rise in the importance of and reliance on social media, please be aware of what you are posting and who may be watching your page. It is wise to set your social media profiles to private as opposed to public, this way you can monitor who has access to your information. As a client with a workers’ compensation claim your actions throughout your case have an affect on the entire outcome. ONCE SOMETHING IS POSTED, IT CANNOT BE TAKEN BACK. By: Nicole Celebrezze, Workers’ Compensation

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