Top causes of workers’ compensation injuries

by lmallernee | August 27th, 2012

August 27, 2012

Injuries on the job can happen at any time, and some jobs have a higher risk of injuries than others. But the same types of injuries occur year after year, according to

The six top causes of workers’ compensation injuries are:

(1) Lifting is the most common cause of injuries. Repetitive lifting, in particular, can cause wear and tear on the body.

Seemingly minor lifting injuries can morph into major muscle strains, spinal injuries, etc. Workers will usually notice the start of a particular pain for days or weeks. It will continue to nag them, until their back or shoulder finally gives out on them.

Rotating staff, taking frequent breaks, lifting in smaller increments, using back braces, reporting minor injuries and getting medical attention, etc., are some of the ways that employers can try to limit injury.

(2) Slip/fall injuries are almost as common as lifting injuries. Weather conditions can affect these types of injuries. Employers need to replace doorway carpets often to stop the spread of water from rain or snow into the building. Also place nonskid mats on steps and stairs. Construction sites should be regularly checked for hazards.

On Wednesday’s blog, we will report on four more common causes of injuries on the job.

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