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Two Important Factors When Treating for Work Related Injuries: Consistency and Compliance

October 11, 2012

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Many clients may not realize the importance of attending doctors’ appointments regularly. Although fitting in routine visits with your everyday responsibilities can be challenging, doing so is essential to managing your workers’ compensation claim. Consistency and compliance are key factors to receiving workers’ compensation benefits as well as to recovering from work-related injuries. When your injury impairs your ability to work, your doctor will complete a Request for Temporary Total Disability on your behalf. Your condition may require you to be off of work for weeks, or even months. If that’s the case, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will want proof that you are complying with the doctor’s orders, and, if you are not consistent with attending scheduled appointments, you risk having your benefits terminated. Separate from the issue of receiving proper compensation for your injuries, compliance with the doctors’ recommendations and treatment is critical to the healing process. An injured worker’s physician makes recommendations for treatment based upon communication with the patient. If the injured worker does not attend scheduled appointments or comply with the doctor’s recommendations, the optimal recovery cannot be expected. Please keep in mind the Nurenberg Paris workers’ compensation department goes above and beyond in attempting to maximize the recovery for all our clients’ claims. But to achieve the best result, we need your help. So please be consistent in complying with all of your doctors’ appointments and treatments.

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