When an injured person needs urgent care and timing is critical, an air ambulance may be used to transport the person to a hospital or treatment center. The airplanes or helicopters used as air ambulances are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and staff to provide certified care.

Although used for the purpose of providing emergency medical help, according to USA Today “Air-ambulance helicopters have the worst fatal crash record in aviation, and their crews are among the most likely to die on the job.”

“The rate of fatalities per 100,000 air-ambulance employees for the past 10 years exceeds other dangerous professions, such as logging or deep-sea fishing.”

Lawyers with Experience and Resources

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Preventing Other Accidents

The medical aviation industry has grown substantially in recent years and has been examined closely by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which has instituted stricter guidelines and oversight of the industry.

In fact, the NTSB and Federal Aviation Administration examined a case our firm handled involving an Air Evac Helicopter that crashed while transporting a patient, who suffocated as a result. There were questions about the safety training and competency of the pilot as well as the risks involved in nighttime transport in helicopters unequipped with appropriate nighttime visual equipment. The investigations were conducted to prevent similar crashes from occurring.