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Who to Talk to After a Car Accident

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After a car crash, it’s tempting to talk about the details of your accident. But, there are certain people you should talk to, and there are certain people you should not talk to after an accident.

Below, you’ll find out who you should and who you shouldn’t talk to after your car accident. Knowing the difference can have a huge impact when getting compensation for your crash-related damages. If you need help in the meantime, call our team at (216) 621-2300.

To protect your rights, an Ohio car accident lawyer at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy recommends that you follow these rules when discussing your case:

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You Can Talk To:

  • Your Doctor
    The first person you should talk to after an accident is your healthcare provider. Any time your condition changes, be sure to notify your doctor, and always take notes about what the doctor tells you, when you talked to him, and how the progress of your recovery is developing. Having medical records to support your claim is helpful.
  • Your Insurance Company
    It’s important to notify your insurance company of your accident. If you don’t, the other driver’s insurance company will. Be careful when talking to the insurance company. Never sign anything without talking to a car accident lawyer first, and never give a written statement without our guidance.
  • Your Lawyer
    Protect your best interests by consulting a lawyer regarding your auto accident claim. Without professional help, you may be settling for less than you’re owed. Our Ohio car accident attorneys have years of experience, and we have the resources to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

You Should Not Talk To:

  • Social Media
    No matter how innocent you may think your Facebook post or tweet is, insurance adjustors are infamous for tracking social media accounts for incriminating evidence. Your words may be used against you. That’s why the auto accident lawyers at Nurenberg Paris always tell our clients to avoid discussing their cases on social media.
  • The Other Person’s Insurance Company
    If a representative of the at-fault driver’s insurance company calls you, do not talk to him. Tell the insurance company to contact your attorney at Nurenberg Paris. The other party’s insurance company will try to compensate you as little as possible. Don’t let the insurance company manipulate your words to its advantage.
  • Friends and Coworkers
    Insurance companies have been known to contact the friends and coworkers of injured victims. Though not intentional, your friends or coworkers may say something about the status of your recovery or the events of your crash, which could be used against you by the at-fault party’s insurance company. Keep the details of your accident private until your case is settled.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, always be careful about who you talk to about the crash. The auto accident lawyers at Nurenberg Paris can advise you about who it’s safe to talk to, and who it’s not safe to talk to. Don’t take a gamble when it comes to your rights—call us today at (216) 621-2300 or complete a free initial consultation form.