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A Kid Again

A Kid Again’s mission is to foster hope, happiness and healing to families raising children with life threatening illnesses. We do so by providing fun-filled, activities that we call Adventures.

Group Adventures take the families to fun-filled exciting destinations throughout Northern Ohio such as Cedar Point, the Cleveland Indians and Monsters games and trips aboard the Goodtime III to name a few. All Adventures are cost-free and occur throughout the year with no limits, so families always have something positive in which to look forward. Adventures are designed take the focus away from illness and onto happy family memories, smiles, laughter and hope.

A Kid Again Adventures include the entire immediate family (brothers, sisters, moms and dads) because everyone in the family is uniquely affected by illness. Since so much of a family’s time in is doctor offices and hospitals, these families need healthy, recreational breaks that take their minds off illness, if not just for a day, so they can focus on family and living as they go through this unimaginable journey.



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