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Believe In Dreams

The world is incredible and there are so many amazing opportunities available to a large percentage of kids. However for many children in Northeast Ohio, the obstacles and barriers to overcome trauma (through no fault of their own) leave them with little hope their dreams are attainable. Believe in Dreams® is a 501c3, non-profit organization that fulfills dreams for resilient children who are economically disadvantaged and have experienced non-medical adversity. Our mission is to provide access to enriching opportunities, connection to community and hope for the future.  

Children are referred by a professional, non-relative nominators (i.e. school personnel, child serving agencies, mentor, coach, etc.) and are chosen for a Dream Experiences based on the child’s demonstrated resiliency.  Dream Experience examples include (but are not limited to)  lessons or classes, visiting somewhere or attending an event for the first time, meeting someone special, coverage of costs for activities or experiences previously not attainable, material items of a hobby or interest, to remove barriers from achieving a life goal, etc. The possibilities are endless and experiences are tailored specifically to the child’s responses on the application. Due to the early inceptions of our organization, currently all dream experiences are limited to Northeast Ohio.




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