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Forget Me Not Animal Rescue

Forget Me Not Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, foster based animal rescue in Strongsville, Ohio. Gina Lallo is the president and founder. Gina tells all the volunteers not to bring those happy, healthy, cute animals to her attention she says:  “They will get adopted – bring me the ones in trouble”.  FMN often pulls dogs from Cleveland Animal Care and Control, as well as other over-crowded kill shelters. Because of this  FMN often has animals that are ill or injured, or have behavioral issues that require A LOT of time and money. Gina never says no to any of the foster families when they say an animal needs a visit to a vet, or a week at a training facility. Every animal is given every chance possible.  Currently FMN has 3 dogs in boarding facilities due to behavioral issues. These dogs are being rehabbed and it is expensive to do this. Gina won’t give up on them.  And while FMN holds fundraisers, attends adoption events, and does as much as possible to raise funds,  it often falls short.



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