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Northern Ohio Recovery Association

The Northern Ohio Recovery Association (NORA), a community-based chemical dependency prevention and peer recovery support organization, is seeking funding to  increase its capacity to provide medication assisted treatment using methadone, buprenorphine/naloxone products and injectable naltrexone to adults for the maintenance treatment of opioid use disorders  in Northern Ohio (Cuyahoga, Erie and Ottawa Counties) and to combine this treatment with comprehensive opiate use disorder psychosocial services driven by Recovery Support Services to continue its work to increase Northern Ohio’s efforts to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of treatment services and recovery supports for adults who have an opiate use disorder and/or co-occurring mental health disorders.  The Recovery from Opiates through Peer Empowerment (ROPE) Project will target adults over the age of 18 years with primary opiate use disorders and/or co-occurring opiate use and mental health disorders who have received detoxification services from detox centers and hospitals and are in need of maintenance treatment.

In 2016, there were a total of 1095 opioid-related deaths in the targeted counties, the leading cause of death in the area.  One in 14 of all opioid overdose deaths and one in 9 of all heroin-related deaths in the US occur in Ohio.  In Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) alone, there are enough people dependent on opioids—including prescription painkillers and heroin—to fill the 67,895-seat stadium in the city.  The problem has been made increasingly dangerous by increases in the use of fentanyl and carfentanil. Due to this crisis, the estimated wait time for admission into detox can be up to 2 weeks and the wait time for residential treatment can be 4 weeks or longer.

The purpose of the proposed by the ROPE Project is to increase access to medication assisted treatment maintenance following detoxification and to integrate comprehensive psychosocial services, thereby facilitating sustained recovery in adults with receive treatment for opiate use disorders.  The number of adults in the target population to be served by the system of care will increase through implementation of the ROPE project by 50 unduplicated adults during the first year of the project and 75 unduplicated adults during years 2 and 3 for a total of 200 consumers to be served.  There are three primary goals of the ROPE Project: 1) Increase the capacity of medication assisted treatment by 200 treatment slots by the end of the project period; 2) To integrate evidence-based psychosocial treatments to address opiate use through the integration of Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT), Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) Plus Vouchers and Recovery Coaching from Peers recovering from opiate use disorders; and 3) Decrease illicit opioid drug use and prescription opioid misuse among project participants.   In addition, the project will link participants to HIV related services, primary healthcare, recovery housing, and telehealth/electronic services.




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