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Painesville Assembly #14 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

Painesville Assembly #14 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is dedicated to helping young ladies from age 11-20 become confident leaders of the future. This Jr. Sorority/ Youth Organization helps girls acquire leadership skills, event/meeting planning skills, life skills and forge life long bonds with other young ladies transitioning from girlhood to adulthood during some of the most difficult times of their lives. Many of our girls are leaders in their schools, National Honor Society Students in Middle/High School & College. They become great women of the world such as Sandra Day O’Connor, Marilyn Monroe and Lily Tomlin to name a few. These ladies are dedicated to community service and their current service projects: collecting money for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, bottle caps for Special Olympics, and the Stay Alive 5 collection for Sub Zero Mission.
Past Service Projects include: Hannah Home, Forbes House,  Alzheimers Walk, supporting Painesville Fire Department and Painesville PD including raising $11k to purchase K-9 Gold for the Painesville PD.
These girls deserve a boost and we need to have more girls follow in their footsteps. They work hard to raise money for their charitable works to give back for the important lessons they gain while they remain Rainbow Girls.
These pictures are from the Alzheimers walk, visitation/appreciation of the Painesville Fire Department and Introduction of K9 Gold to Painesville Assembly after K9 Gold was brought on the force. (Worthy Advisor Erin got to name K9 Gold).



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