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Ms. Stella Ross, Director & CEO of Stasha’s Kids has organized and maintained a nonprofit organization for the past twenty years in helping youths of all backgrounds reach goals and become productive in society.  But, more importantly, Stasha’s Kids is about doing whatever it takes to make our children better people as they grow up and face many challenges.  Ms. Stella has provided shelter, food, education, educational materials, school uniforms, shoes, socks, undergarments, as well as medical care for the needs of many Cleveland children in need.  Ms. Stella has taken many children into her home and provided a family life for them when they were not accepted by their own biological families.  These young youth depend on the support from Stasha’s Kids.  In fact, many are lost without it.  Ms. Stella receives calls on a daily basis regarding kids in need of her support and funding.  Let’s not forget the college students who continue to maintain a 4.0 GPA who Ms. Stella has supported by funding college books, housing, and tuition. Never, has Ms. Stella turned any child down, even if she had to go into her own personal funds to give a helping hand.  That’s what Stasha’s Kids is all about!




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