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Towards Employment

Towards Employment empowers individuals to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through employment. We connect people to careers – helping them prepare, get, and keep a job; and then advance – so we change people’s lives, advance businesses, and strengthen community. We have over 40 years of experience helping people gain tools to find a job, navigate life’s obstacles, and secure a long-term career. We serve 3,000 people/year with a range of employment and career building activities, with 560 starting jobs for the first time, and others preparing for jobs or getting coaching and support while working entry level jobs and seeking to advance in their career. We partner with over 300 businesses—from University Hospitals, Downtown Cleveland Hilton and our own social enterprise Bloom Bakery– who have confidence in our training programs and personal coaching to prepare new and current employees for career success. And we use learnings from rigorously evaluated program operations to influence the wider system and promote greater economic mobility and more equitable access to opportunity for all of NEO residents.





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