Preparing Your Claim


At Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with high quality representation. And we make it a priority to help our clients understand each step in the legal process.

Use these pages as your guide to the legal process:

  • Understanding the Legal Process
    When you contact Nurenberg Paris, our Ohio personal injury lawyers will review the details of your claim. We’ll show you how we build cases for our clients and answer your questions along the way.
  • Questions to Ask a Lawyer
    Hiring a lawyer may be a new experience for you, and you may have many questions. It’s important that you ask the right questions to get to know your lawyer and determine if he or she is the right person to handle your claim.
  • Starting a Claim
    Filing a claim for your accident or injury can be challenging without legal help. We’ll help you get started. When you meet with us for the first time, we’ll get to know you and the details of your accident, so we can help build a strong case for you.
  • Investigating Your Accident
    Building a strong case requires an in-depth investigation. At Nurenberg Paris, we’ll review the police report, medical records of your injuries, and witness statements about your accident.
  • Insurance Settlement Negotiation Process
    An insurance adjuster may offer you a “lowball” settlement after your accident. Don’t accept it—you may forfeit your rights to compensation. Instead, let our skilled Ohio personal injury lawyers negotiate on your behalf to help you get the maximum settlement.
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit Process
    If you don’t receive a fair settlement offer from the insurance company after we negotiate, we’ll begin the litigation process. We’ll start by filing a complaint and sending it to the other party and his or her attorney. Then, we’ll conduct depositions—or oral testimony—of witnesses and certain experts to build your case.
  • Preparing for Trial in Civil Court
    Once your case goes to trial, we’ll help you prepare for your day in court by collecting records of your accident-related expenses, documenting your lost wages, and drafting a statement showing how the accident or injury affects your life.