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$1.1 Million Settlement Against Emergency Room and Physicians

Amount: $1,075,000
Court: Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas
Plaintiff’s Counsel: David M. Paris

Plaintiff was out with his daughter delivering Girl Scout cookies. He saw a disabled car at the side of the road and walked over to assist. While there, plaintiff was struck in the knee by a bumper of an errant vehicle. The emergency room doctor failed to appreciate a knee dislocation and vascular injury resulting in prolonged ischemia. Subsequent vascular surgeon failed to perform prophylactic fasciotomy and introduced a redundant arterial graft which kinked resulting in further vascular insufficiency. Plaintiff sustained right leg amputation at the knee. The defendant’s contended that there was no evidence of a knee dislocation in the ER and the vascular surgeon contended that by the time he saw the patient it was too late to save the leg.

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