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About Us

About Us

Firm History

Experience Matters – William Jacobson

Experience Matters – Brenda Johnson

Experience Matters – Jamie Lebovitz

Experience Matters – Jordan Lebovitz

Experience Matters – Jonathan D. Mester

Thomas Mester

David M. Paris

Dana Paris

Experience Matters – Brian W. Parker

Experience Matters – Kathleen J. St. John

Benjamin Wiborg

Jeffrey M. Heller


Client | Maria

Client | Craig

Client | Alice

Client | Bernard

Client | Mary

Client | Allen

Cases We Handle

Aviation Law Firm

Investigation Process

Biggest Challenges

Why an Aviation Lawyer?

Birth Injury & Defects

What is Birth Injury?

Contacting an Attorney

Symptoms of Concussions

Class Action Cases

Low T False Marketing

Low T Dangers

Medical Malpractice

Product Liability

After a Truck Accident


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