What Is Black Ice and Why Is It So Dangerous?

There’s no time of year that’s more dangerous to drive in than winter, especially in a state like Ohio that has frequent days and nights of freezing temperatures. And there’s no risk factor during winter more dangerous than black ice, which is a factor in countless winter auto accidents. You’ve undoubtedly heard about black ice, […]

Questions From the Average Joe – Personal Injury XV

Q: I was making a delivery for work and was injured when I slipped in the parking lot. Can I sue the place I fell? A: Whenever you’re injured at work, you likely have a valid worker’s compensation claim. When you’re injured while working due to an unrelated party’s negligence though, you may have an […]

Is It Illegal to Leave Your Vehicle Running in Ohio?

Winters can be brutal in Ohio, especially if you park outdoors. Everyone who lives here knows the hassle of waking up bright and early for school or work, only to find their vehicle encased in ice. And once you thaw out your door handle, you still have to deal with all the windows.  To avoid […]

Questions from the Average Joe: Personal Injury XIV

Q: I was in an accident last month and I thought I could handle everything with the insurance company myself, but I’m having problems. Is it too late to hire an attorney? A: In general, it is always the best practice to contact an attorney as quickly after an accident as possible. The sooner an […]

Can You Sue For More than the Policy Limit in an Auto Accident?

Auto accidents aren’t just painful—they’re often extremely expensive, too. People who suffer moderate injuries can easily rack up tens of thousands of dollars in damages, while victims with serious or life-threatening injuries may have hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Insurance is supposed to help those victims recover some or all of their damages, […]

Questions from the Average Joe: Personal Injury XIII

Q: I was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 after shopping at a store where the cashier wasn’t wearing a mask. Can I sue the store for my medical bills? A: Under the current pandemic-related orders in most states, everyone who enters any public space is supposed to always wear a mask in an effort to prevent […]

Can You Get Punitive Damages from a Drunk Driving Crash?

There are two types of compensation people can get when they are hurt by others’ negligence: Compensatory damages Punitive damages For most personal injury cases, including auto accidents, injured victims and their lawyers pursue compensatory damages. These damages are awarded when the drivers who injured them were engaged in dangerous activities, such as speeding, distracted […]

Can You Sue a Bar or Restaurant if a Driver Injures You After Drinking There?

Drunk driving is extremely dangerous. When drivers are over the legal limit and get behind the wheel of their vehicles, they put themselves, their passengers, and other motorists at serious risk of injury and even death. The consequences of OVIs and drunk driving crashes are extremely harsh to reflect those dangers and the lack of […]

What Are the Consequences of a DUI in Ohio?

Drunk driving is consistently among the top causes of fatal and injury-causing vehicle crashes in both Ohio alone and throughout the entire U.S. When people get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, they’re far less capable of driving safely than sober drivers, and that puts them, their passengers, and other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians at […]

Questions for the Average Joe: Personal Injury XII

Q: I was injured at work last year. At the time I thought my job handled everything for my workers’ compensation claim, but now I’m getting bills for my time at the hospital that I thought were paid. Can I still use workers’ compensation to pay my bills? A: Injuries at work can be difficult […]