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Put Your Accident Behind You

Amount: $2,050,000
Court: Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas
Plaintiff's Counsel: Jamie R. Lebovitz

$2,050,000.00 Settlement On Eve of Trial For A College Student Who Loses Use Of His Eye

The plaintiff, a freshman at the University of Toronto, Canada was traveling to Florida as a passenger in a van with his college swim team when they were involved in a life altering highspeed accident on an Ohio highway. On impact, the van’s glass window next to our client shattered and pieces of glass struck the left side of his face. He recalls seeing pieces of glass “flying” and feeling “stung by them.” Our client suffered a penetrating ocular injury, with glass to the left eye rupturing his globe. Despite eight surgeries to salvage the eye, he is left without vision and permanent disfigurement.


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