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$220,000 Jury Verdict For Woman Who Falls From Loading Dock

Amount: $220,000
Court: Cuyahoga County Common Pleas

Plaintiff was a business invitee who sustained serious injuries as a result of falling four feet to the ground after passing through an unmarked warehouse garage door at the defendant’s facility. The door that she fell from was used by the defendant as a loading dock for delivery trucks. Next to the loading dock door is another garage door used for pedestrian ingress and egress and equipped with a ramp. From plaintiff’s perspective from inside the defendant’s facility, the two garage doors appeared to be identical meaning both equipped with a ramp. Defendant failed to keep the overhead door for the dock closed and failed to post a warning to alert pedestrians that, although the garage doors looked virtually identical, one was equipped with a walking ramp while the other led to a dangerous four foot drop off. Plaintiff suffered a calcaneus (heel) fracture requiring surgical repair.

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