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Put Your Accident Behind You

Amount: $9,750,000
Court: Kansas City, Missouri
Plaintiff's Counsel: David M. Paris, William S. Jacobson

42-Year-Old Salesman Receives $9.75 Million Settlement

Our client a 42-year-old salesman of refrigeration parts who is married with no children, was involved in a serious rear-end motor vehicle accident in Seneca County in which he received a severe spinal cord injury. Because of the rural nature of the county in which the accident occurred and the logistic difficulties in litigating in such a forum, the matter was filed in Kansas City, Missouri, the principal place of business of the defendant corporation.

The Plaintiffs’ experts included numerous healthcare providers, an economist and life care planner. The defense also retained similar experts, and the battle lines were drawn principally over the cost of future care of the Plaintiff and whether he had a reduced life expectancy.

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