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Airline Pays Confidential Settlements to Families of USAir Flight 1016

Amount: Undisclosed
Plaintiff’s Counsel: Jamie R. Lebovitz

On July 2, 1994, USAir Flight 1016 was en route to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport traveling from Columbia, South Carolina. It was to be a short flight for the 52 passengers on board. As they approached the airport, there were several heavy thunderstorms near the airport. The tower controller issued a windshear warning to all aircraft, but it was on a different radio frequency than Flight 1016.

Flight 1016 was on approach to the airport when one member of the flight crew radioed to the control tower that they were “going to go around and try it again.” The plane struggled to climb due to the severe weather conditions and crashed into a wooded area and into a private residence just outside the airport. Seven county crews rushed to the crash scene. In the end, two passengers received minor injuries, 18 passengers suffered serious injuries, and 37 suffered fatal injuries. It was concluded that a microburst had been generated by the thunderstorm that was over the airport at the time Flight 1016 attempted to land, and this contributed to the crash. Aviation accident attorney Jamie Lebovitz represented families of the victims and obtained confidential settlements for the surviving family members.

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