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Akron Doctor, Pilot Awarded $11.35 M for Plane Crash Injuries

Amount: $11,350,000
Plaintiff’s Counsel: Jamie R. Lebovitz

A Philadelphia jury awarded an Akron dermatologist and his fiancee $11.35 million dollars for serious and disabling injuries that they suffered in 2007 as a result of a plane crash outside Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Robert Marscio, Jr., a dermatologic surgeon and Heather Moran, a professional pilot were flying a Cessna Skymaster aircraft from Atlanta to Cleveland when Heather was forced to make an emergency landing near Atlanta. Shortly after takeoff the rear engine lost power and while the aircraft is designed to fly on one engine, the front engine could not deliver enough power to keep the aircraft airborne.

The aircraft came to rest at a water treatment facility. Heather Moran was knocked unconscious, but revived by Dr. Marsico, whose legs were crushed in the crash. As Heather was helping her fiancee out of the plane a wing exploded, engulfing both in fire. Dr. Marsico suffered lung and respiratory injuries, multiple orthopedic injuries and burns over 40% of his body. Heather suffered third-degree burns to over 40% of her body and can no longer return to her occupation as a pilot. Through shear determination and years of therapy, Dr. Marscio has been able to return to his dermatology surgical practice.

Inspections of the engines, demonstrated that Winner Aviation, who regularly maintained the aircraft, did not make proper repairs to the rear engine and that the front engine was due for overhaul which was not performed.

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