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Child Dies as Result of Brain Damage During Delivery

Amount: $650,000
Court: Erie County Court of Common Pleas
Plaintiff’s Counsel: William S. Jacobson

A settlement in the amount of $650,000 was achieved in a case handled in Pennsylvania against a local hospital and an OBGYN physician, as the result of brain damage suffered during the delivery of a child at a local Pennsylvania hospital. Unfortunately, the child died prior to celebrating his second birthday as a result of the injuries that were sustained during birth.Prior to the delivery, a fetal heart monitor was placed which measured the unborn child’s heart rate, and reactions to the mother’s contractions while in labor. The fetal heart monitoring strips began demonstrating a poor heart rate for the unborn child in response to the contractions of his mother. This condition remained untreated for hours while the child’s mother was in labor. This resulted in a deprivation of sufficient oxygen to the unborn child resulting in injury and brain damage.The lawsuit was filed against the Pennsylvania hospital and local OBGYN, for the failure of the delivery nurses to properly inform the OBGYN of the abnormalities of fetal monitoring strips.

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