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Put Your Accident Behind You

Amount: Undisclosed
Plaintiff's Counsel: Jamie R. Lebovitz

Confidential Settlement for Air Crash Victims

Two friends were set to return from a hunting trip near Salmon, Idaho on September 28, 2005. A recently purchased Cessna P210N aircraft was loaded with gear, including the front and hind quarters of an elk, and was ready for takeoff. As the plane maneuvered down the runway, however, it failed to pick up much speed and struggled to get above the ground. It briefly became airborne, but then crashed to the ground just a quarter mile beyond the runway. A fire erupted in the fuselage, and both passengers perished. The crash occurred due to a failure of the seat locking system on the pilot’s side, causing the pilot’s seat to suddenly slide backwards, with the pilot’s hands pulling on the control wheel.

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