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Doctor’s Prescription of Medication Causing Stroke Settles for $900,000

Amount: $900,000
Court: Franklin County Court of Common Pleas
Plaintiff’s Counsel: William S. Jacobson

Paralysis of right hand; impairment of right arm and right leg resulting in some spasticity. Plaintiff went to defendant obstetrician inquiring about birth control. The plaintiff had Lupus which predisposed one to clotting. The defendant prescribed Triphasil, an estrogen based birth control pill, which also carries some risk for clotting. Approximately six weeks later, the plaintiff threw a clot resulting in a stoke. Plaintiff argued that Triphasil was contraindicated in Lupus patients. The defendant argued that it was not contraindicated and further argued that the plaintiff was negligent in disregarding the defendant physican’s instructions and the instructions that accompanied the medication to report any dizziness when she had had a fainting spell while driving a motor vehicle approximatley two weeks prior to her stroke.

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