Verdict & Settlement Wins

Put Your Accident Behind You

Amount: $1,000,000
Court: Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas
Plaintiff's Counsel: David M. Paris

Lab and Doctor Pay $1 Million for Delay in Diagnosing Cancer

Plaintiff’s January 1995 pap showed mild dysplasia. Her October 1996 pap was read as normal. Plaintiff’s expert interpreted the slide as showing moderate-severe dysplasia. In April 1997, her OB/GYN visit resulted in a normal pelvic exam. In December 1997, a 5-centimeter vaginal tumor was discovered. Plaintiff contended that an adequate pelvic exam would have disclosed a smaller lesion at a stage which was curable. The defense claimed that her pap smears were not misread and that there was no lesion to palpate at her April 1997 office visit. As a last resort, the defense claimed that with the hysterectomy and radiation, Plaintiff made a complete recovery.

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