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Lab Pays Patient $2.75 Million in Cervical Cancer Case

Amount: $2,750,000
Court: Cuyahoga County Common Pleas
Plaintiff’s Counsel: David M. Paris

Our client’s July 1995 Pap test was screened as ASCUS and AGCUS but downgraded to ASCUS by the pathologist. The repeat Pap in December 1995 was incorrectly interpreted as mild dysplasia, when in fact it also showed adenocarcinoma in situ. The vaginal biopsy in February 1996 was incorrectly interpreted as vaginal adenosis, when in fact it demonstrated adenocarcinoma in situ. The ultimate diagnosis of invasive adenocarcinoma was delayed until December 1997. Defendant’s pathological expert opined that the slides were not misread. Further, Defendant’s gynecological oncologist opined that Plaintiff had a 90 percent chance of survival cancer-free. Our gynecological oncologist opined that her prognosis was poor and that earlier diagnosis and treatment would have obviated the need for her hysterectomy and pelvic exenteration (surgical removal of her bladder, rectum and vagina).

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