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Amount: $2,650,000
Court: Lorain County Court of Common Pleas
Plaintiff's Counsel: William S. Jacobson

Severe Neurological Condition Caused by Negligent Administration of Haldol Results in $2.65 Million Settlement

Our client had a drinking problem most of his life, and in the days leading up to his injury, had attempted to quit on his own. In doing so, he began to undergo delirium tremens, which caused family members to take him to the local community hospital. After being hospitalized for a day, the patient became agitated and began hallucinating. He was treated with Haldol, an anti-psychotic drug. After about two days of Haldol administration, his sister, who is a licensed practical nurse working in the psychiatric unit of the same hospital, and who was familiar with the side effects of Haldol, believed her brother was having an adverse reaction to the drug. She thus requested that the Haldol be discontinued. Despite this request, the physician continued to dose the patient with Haldol for an additional three week period. Ultimately, the patient was left with a severe neurological condition similar to Parkinson’s Disease which has left him completely disabled.

The defense argued that the patient’s injury was due to a lack of oxygen to his brain during a seizure he had while undergoing delirium tremens, and that the administration of Haldol was proper as the patient was agitated and threatening the staff.

The case was settled with certain defendants in the amount of $2.65 million. Trial against the remaining defendants resulted in a defense verdict.

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