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Victim Recovers $1.5 Million for Southeast Airlines Crash

Amount: $1,499,978
Plaintiff’s Counsel: Jamie R. Lebovitz

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 7529 left Atlanta Hartsfield Airport at 12:28 p.m. bound for Gulfport, Mississippi, on August 21, 1995. Less than a half hour after takeoff, the crew experienced problems with the left engine and requested a return to Atlanta. A short time later, the crew advised the control tower they were unable to maintain altitude and that they needed to land at the nearest airport immediately. Flight 7529 never made it to an airport and for nine minutes and twenty seconds, the passengers were unsure of their fate. The plane began hitting tree tops and crashed about five miles from the West Georgia Regional Airport near Carrollton, Georgia. The plane landed in an open hayfield and broke apart in four pieces of twisted metal. Of the 29 passengers and flight crew, 10 people died.

It was determined that the plane lost “a propeller blade from the left engine propeller while climbing through 18,100 feet.” It was additionally determined that, “the in-flight fatigue fracture and separation of a propeller blade resulted in distortion of the left engine nacelle, causing excessive drag, loss of wing lift, and reduced directional control of the airplane. The fracture was caused by a fatigue crack from multiple corrosion pits that were not discovered by Hamilton Standard because of inadequate and ineffective corporate inspection and repair techniques, training, documentation, and communication. Contributing to the accident was Hamilton Standard’s and FAA’s failure to require recurrent on-wing ultrasonic inspections for the affected propellers.”

Our client survived the crash with multiple fractures.

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