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Welder Receives $650,000 for Acid Burns to Hands

Amount: $650,000
Court: Cuyahoga County Common Pleas
Plaintiff’s Counsel: David M. Paris

Plaintiff was employed by a contractor hired by the a company to clean and re-line a 4,000 gallon acid tank. The company told the contractor that the tank had previously contained hydrofluoric acid (a highly corrosive acid). The contractor directed its employee to clean the tank without requiring him to wear a rubber acid suit. Moreover, the company violated its own confined space entry program by permitting the contractor into the tank without an acid suit. Plaintiff wore cloth gloves, which became saturated with hydrofluoric acid that was trapped behind the tank’s rubber liner. Within minutes, the Plaintiff’s fingers were burning. Despite prompt and appropriate treatment, Plaintiff lost the tips of five fingers.

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