Articles by Erik Ovesny

Daylight Savings & Driving At Nighttime – How It Affects Motorists

by Erik Ovesny | November 5th, 2018

As the winter holidays come closer and closer, bringing the chaos of gift-shopping and family get-togethers with them, it is often easy to forget about one of the moments in the fall that will indirectly affect our lives the most: Daylight Savings! Although for most people it signifies an hour less of daylight during the […]

Attorney Brenda Johnson Gets Invited To Become a Fellow with the Litigation Counsel of America

by Erik Ovesny | October 2nd, 2015

Cleveland attorney Brenda M. Johnson, of the law firm Nurenberg Paris., has been selected as a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America. Brenda joined Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy in 1999, bringing several years of commercial litigation experience to our legal team. Brenda is a member of the firm’s appellate department and focuses on […]