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Can You Be Denied Med-Pay Coverage After a Crash in Ohio?

December 13, 2021

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After an auto accident, there’s a good chance you’ll need compensation for your medical bills. But getting compensation isn’t guaranteed, and if you’re more than 50% at fault for your crash, you can’t recover damages or sue the other driver in Ohio.

However, people who have Med Pay coverage as part of their auto insurance CAN typically recover compensation through these policies, even if they are at fault for their crashes. Med Pay usually provides around $5,000 to $10,000 in compensation for medical treatment, and it’s often described as being available no matter what.

But in some cases, Med Pay Coverage CAN be denied. Here’s how and why it can happen.

You Let Too Much Time Pass Between Your Treatment and Your Claim

For most Med Pay policies, the typical statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim doesn’t apply. Instead, the insurers set their own time limits on starting the compensation process.

This time limit is often one year from the date that the first medical bill is received after an auto accident, but you should check the terms of your policy to make sure. When policyholders wait longer than that, their rights to cash in on their policies may become null and void and their insurers may become more skeptical of their claims.

It’s important to act right away if you plan on pursuing compensation after a crash, whether it’s through a personal injury lawsuit, tapping into your Med Pay coverage, or both. Time limits apply in both scenarios, and if you wait too long, you can forever lose your chance to get compensation.

Your Policy Lapsed Due to Non-Payment

Med Pay coverage must be kept current and valid for it to be applicable after a crash. That means paying your bills on time when they are due and regularly checking your policy for any changes or price increases. If you let your coverage lapse for even one day due to non-payment, your claim may be denied if your crash occurred on that day.

You Caused Your Crash Because You Were Drunk, Impaired, or Reckless

Although Med Pay coverage is considered no-fault coverage, there are often exceptions listed in the policies and contracts for accidents caused by extreme negligence or recklessness. This can include things like driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs, drag racing, or even intentionally crashing into other vehicles or property.

You’re Filing a Claim for Lost Wages or Pain and Suffering

Med Pay coverage is short for Medical Payments coverage, and it’s only designed to pay out to help claimants with their medical bills. That means you can only file a claim and be compensated for costs related to your health and any medical treatments you receive. If you file a claim in the hopes of getting compensated for property damage, lost wages, or pain and suffering related to your crash, it will be denied.

Your Medical Bills Are Due to “Nonessential” Treatments

Med Pay coverage only kicks in for medical bills, but not ALL medical bills. It typically only applies to medical bills that are considered essential after an auto accident, which can include things like ambulance rides, surgery, overnight stays in the hospital, prescription drug costs, and more. But bills from non-essential or elective treatments after a crash, including certain types of cosmetic surgery or unnecessary procedures, may not be covered and can result in a denied claim.

We Can Help You Get the Money You’re Owed After a Crash

Having an active Med Pay policy is optional for drivers in Ohio, but it can give you peace of mind after a crash. You never know what the other driver’s insurance company will do when you file a claim, and you may even be denied by your own insurer if you need to use uninsured motorist coverage.

Med Pay coverage is applicable in far more scenarios than other types of insurance and often with far fewer roadblocks, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely foolproof or 100% guaranteed. These claims can still be denied by insurers, leaving injured victims without the coverage they paid for.

The Ohio auto accident lawyers at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy know when insurance companies are being fair and when they’re treating their policyholders and innocent victims poorly, and we have the resources and dedication to make them do the right thing. Contact us today for a free consultation after a crash or to get help getting the money you’re owed.

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