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Winter Driving Tips

December 16, 2019

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Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are commonplace throughout Ohio during the winter months. And while most cities throughout the state are prepared for this inevitable inclement weather, not all drivers are ready for the reduced traction, longer stopping distances, and overall loss of control that icy roads often bring.

Bad weather is one of the top causes of auto accidents, and winter weather is especially dangerous. Whether you’re planning on staying indoors during winter snowstorms, or you are ready to brave the weather, it’s important to understand the risks that winter weather can bring and the best ways to reduce your risks of being involved in a preventable accident.

Read Our Infographic to Stay Safe this Winter

Traveling at high speeds just inches away from other vehicles is a feat we often take for granted—until a serious accident occurs, that is. And when you add in slick roads, reduced visibility, and freezing temperatures, it’s no wonder winter can be an extremely dangerous season on Ohio’s roadways.

You can do your part in making the state’s roads, highways, and interstates safer this winter by following the tips in the infographic below:

Above all, it’s important to never underestimate the dangers of slick roads—including those that have been treated with salt, brine, and de-icing chemicals. Although treated roads may be safer to drive on than untreated roads, those measures are often only temporarily effective. Cold temperatures and continuous snowfall mean that roads can quickly become treacherous again, so remain cautious, alert, and ready for the unexpected any time you drive this winter.

Hurt in a Winter Crash? You May Be Eligible for Compensation.

Although winter weather makes roads more dangerous, it doesn’t absolve drivers from responsibility. Whether it’s 72 degrees and sunny outside, or 10 degrees and whiteout conditions, drivers are still required to exercise caution and good judgment when they get behind the wheel—not to mention follow all traffic laws.

At Nurenberg Paris, we know that doesn’t always happen, even in states like Ohio where inclement winter weather is an annual event. If you or someone you love was hurt in a crash because another driver wasn’t driving carefully on snow or ice, you may have suffered serious injuries that require expensive medical treatments. In addition, you may be too hurt to go back to work for the foreseeable future. That means big bills with no way to pay them.

It’s important to consider all of your options during this time, including filing a compensation claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often reluctant to pay fair settlements to victims like you, but having an experienced Ohio auto accident lawyer on your side can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Our Legal Team Is Ready to Fight for Your Rights

Insurance companies report big profits year after year, and that’s because they frequently reduce or deny victims’ claims. Because insurers spend big money on advertising campaigns, it’s common for people to believe their insurers has their best interests in mind—up until they get a tiny settlement offer or have their insurance claim outright rejected.

We believe that victims should get fair compensation for what they’ve been through, especially when their accidents and injuries are caused by other people.

Don’t trust just any law firm after your winter driving accident. Get in touch with a legal team that knows what you’re going through and knows how to help you get the money you deserve. We’re available to take your call 24/7, and there are no upfront fees or hourly rates for our services. In fact, you only pay if you win. That’s our No Fee Guarantee®.

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