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Your Fall Leaves Viewing Guide

October 7, 2019

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As September bleeds into October, everywhere in Ohio the leaves start to put on a show, bursting into spectacular reds, yellows, and oranges. This lovely once-a-year sight inspires many people to take up “leaf peeping”­­­­––traveling to take pictures of the foliage before it turns brown and drops for the winter.

Late September through early November is the best time of year to take a trip to see fall foliage, but colors peak at different time in different parts of the country. Generally, the farther north you are, the earlier the leaves will turn, while they change color later but last longer in the south.

If you are planning on taking a long weekend to enjoy the fall foliage this year, allow us to provide you with a shortlist of where to go.

Safety Tips for Roadtripping

Roadtrips are one of America’s favorite pastimes, and they’re a great way to explore all the amazing sights this country has to offer. But before you burn rubber heading out to see fall foliage this year, mark off the items on this checklist.

  • Bring your vehicle in for an inspection. A few days before you leave, ask your mechanic to check the fluid levels, brakes, tires, battery, air conditioning unit, and other essentials so you can head off any potential breakdowns before they occur.
  • Consider renting a car. Will you need four-wheel drive and high clearance where you’re going? Or maybe you’re planning to cruise along a scenic byway and like the idea of doing so in a convertible. In either case, make sure you have the right vehicle for the job.
  • Prepare for a roadside emergency. Make sure you have a spare tire and jack, a gas can, and a portable jump starter with jumper cables.
  • Prepare for all other emergencies. Good items to pack include sunblock, bug spray, a flashlight, batteries of various sizes and a fully charged external battery pack with charging cables, a Swiss Army knife or other multipurpose tool, a first aid kit, water bottles, and a warm blanket or towel.
  • Carry Cash. Some small towns, state or national parks, and toll stations will require cash.
  • Plan your entertainment ahead of time. You may lose radio signal in-between towns, and if you lose your cell signal as well, you won’t be able to stream music or podcasts. Make sure to download your playlists, or check out some CDs or audiobooks for free from your local library.
  • Have a backup plan for your route. If you lose cell phone service, you may lose your streaming GPS directions. Download a map or bring a paper copy and check online ahead of time to learn of any road closures.
  • Get a good night’s sleep beforehand. Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving tipsy.

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