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5 people survive Michigan small plane crash

January 3, 2012

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January 2, 2012

Five people survived a plane crash in Elk Rapids, Michigan, on New Year’s Eve, reports the Record Eagle.

The Cherokee VI Piper plane began to experience mechanical problems, the 65-year-old pilot told authorities.

He was piloting the aircraft near the northern portion of Torch Lake when he noticed the engine sputtering and missing.

When the engine problems worsened, the pilot attempted to head to Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City.

As the problems continued, he then attempted  to land the plane in a hay field between Cairn Highway and Herman Road in the Elk Rapids Township. The plane landed in the field and traveled about 1,000 feet to the end of the open field and into some trees.

The right side wing was torn from the aircraft, but no life-threatening injuries were sustained.

Aboard the plane were the pilot, his wife, a 47-year-old friend and his two children, ages 8 and 11. After the crash, the occupants freed themselves and walked to Cairn Highway.

The pilot and the 11-year-old sustained minor injuries and were treated at Munson Medical Center.

The Antrim County sheriff's department, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Transportation Safety Board are still investigating the accident.

Do you think the pilot acted wisely under these conditions?

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