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Mid-air crash still a mystery

May 16, 2012

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May 16, 2012

Five people are dead after an amphibious plane collided mid-air with a Piper PA-28 on May 12 in Saskatchewan, reports The Star Phoenix. The Piper was carrying two men and a teen from Alberta, and the amphibious plane was occupied by a couple.

Even though the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) is not speculating about the cause of the accident, one local researcher said it's likely that one plane landed on top of the other as they both descended toward an airstrip. "It's a classic situation in that both pilots couldn't see each other. It sounds like a freak accident."

Other factors such as bright early morning sun light could have contributed to the crash, or it could have been a mechanical or a medical issue, the researcher speculated.

Now that the bodies have all been recovered, the TSB will focus on three areas: recovery of aircrafts, obtaining all the flight information, and locating possible witnesses.

A mid-air collision complicates the investigation because it means that the planes were damaged twice--once in the air and again when the aircrafts hit the ground.

This plane crash may lead to significant changes in aviation regulations.

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