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Flight academy helps teens learn

May 14, 2012

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May 11, 2012

In the National Flight Academy, kids learn math and science skills while learning to fly simulated aircrafts, reports

The academy officially opened Friday, with appearances by former astronauts Mark Kelly, and Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, the first and last men who walked on the moon.

Campers from 7th through 12th grade will experience five days aboard Ambition, an aircraft carrier, and will experience a simulation of conducting a noncombat mission at sea.

The academy is for teens who might be interested in becoming pilots and those who have aptitudes for science and math.

"Unless kids get a spark somewhere, and they get excited about math or science, they are not going to do it. They may not find that they want to be an aviator, but they may be really good at meteorology or geometry," said Pam Northrup, dean of the college of professional studies at the University of West Florida.

Conceived 15 years ago, the Flight Academy project costs $1,250 to attend, but scholarships are available. Sessions run for five days each week from June through August.

Each participant is assigned to a squadron, which then competes against each other in their flight and communication skills and in how effectively they use their resources.

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