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Celebrating Mother’s Day Apart

May 4, 2020

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Mother’s Day is a holiday usually celebrated together, whether that means taking Mom out to a fancy restaurant for dinner or surprising her with an unexpected visit. But this year, things are different for mothers and their children.

The threat of COVID-19 means that many family members who don’t live in the same home need to stay apart this year to protect themselves and each other. In addition, Ohio has banned visitors from entering nursing homes throughout the state, making it impossible for children to visit their mothers if they live in those facilities.

It can be difficult for both mothers and their children to spend this special day apart, especially if they’re used to spending it together. There’s no true substitute for spending quality time in person, but there are many ways to show your love and appreciation for your mom on her special day, even if you’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

Show Your Appreciation for Mom with These Mother’s Day Ideas

Whether your mom lives independently or in a nursing home, it’s important to make sure she knows how loved and appreciated she is, especially on Mother’s Day. While there’s nothing wrong with a phone call and a delivery of fresh flowers to show how much you care, this is also an opportunity to get creative and make Mother’s Day 2020 a holiday she won’t soon forget.

Consider these ideas for a fresh and unique approach to celebrating Mom’s special day this year:

  • Schedule a webcam date—If your mom has a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with a webcam, schedule a videoconference date using Skype, FaceTime, or another chat app. Webcams are the closest thing to being together in person, and the possibilities are endless. You can share dinner together, watch movies and TV shows, play games, and even invite other family members and friends to share the fun and togetherness.
  • Get Mom’s favorite dinner delivered—Many families have a tradition of taking Mom out to dinner on her big day. Unfortunately, many restaurants in Ohio are either closed or only offer takeout and delivery right now. But with kitchens still fully staffed, that means your mom’s favorite meal can be enjoyed at home. Touchless delivery options are available for many restaurants, ensuring that your mother can have her favorite food without putting her at risk of infection.
  • Create and ship her a care package—Most stores selling non-essential goods are closed, and many people are hesitant to visit supermarkets due to the threat of coronavirus. That means your mom may be running low on essential items. Create a care package for her on Mother’s Day, complete with items she needs, like pantry staples and toiletries, as well as items she’ll cherish, such as handwritten notes and family pictures. She’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Be sure to thoroughly sanitize anything you send to mom before you wrap it!
  • Make a homemade, family-inspired gift—Mother’s Day is all about family, and when you can’t be with Mom, you can send her a gift that reminds her of special times you spent together. Scrapbooks, shadow boxes, and collages full of memorable pictures, keepsakes, and other items that invoke powerful memories and emotions is sure to be a big hit with your mom on her important day. Get your siblings or children to pitch in—the more ideas and inspiration, the better.

Moms Deserve the Best on Mother’s Day

At Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy, we know there’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her children. That’s why this year’s Mother’s Day will be bittersweet for many families, especially those who have to spend it apart. But there’s no substitute for safety and health, and that’s why making the sacrifice of not seeing Mom in person is so important while the threat of COVID-19 looms large in our cities and communities.

It’s especially important to be cautious and careful if your mom lives in a nursing home. Although you may be unable to visit, you can stay in frequent contact with her to raise her spirits and let her know how loved and appreciated she is. In addition, it’s important to get regular updates from her caretakers, nurses, and other staff members, especially if she’s in poor health or particularly vulnerable to infections like the coronavirus.

Our Ohio nursing home abuse attorneys are here to help if you believe that your mother has been mistreated, harmed, abused, or neglected in her nursing facility. Contact us today for a free consultation. We want what’s best for your mom, whether it’s on Mother’s Day or any other time of year.

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