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Isabella’s Wish

December 12, 2018

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In her young life, Isabella has faced several immune disorders and a connective tissue disorder, conditions that require frequent visits to various healthcare professionals. But despite her illnesses, she always wears a bright smile. It isn't surprising that she has made many friends along the way—one of whom recommended her for a wish with Make-A-Wish.

From the time Isabella was little and first saw the movie "Happy Feet," she has been obsessed with penguins! She knew immediately that her wish was to meet penguins face-to-face, and Nurenberg Paris worked with Make-A-Wish to make her wish come true. Isabella enthusiastically traveled to Sea World to become a penguin trainer for a day. Every part of her wish experience was special, including experiencing the penguins' cold arctic home, interacting with the penguins, feeding them, and learning about their care, habits, and quirks. She learned about the different types of penguins and the funny ways they interact with humans. One friendly penguin kept trying to eat the buttons on her coat!

The Nurenberg Paris team was honored to host Isabella and her mother in our office to hear Isabella's stories about her wish adventure. We had our own penguin party, complete with penguins lined up on our conference room table and a Penguin-o-poly game for Isabella. It warmed our hearts to hear about Isabella's courage in battling her illnesses and the optimism she has for her future. In fact, one of her future goals is to pursue a degree in the oncology field—a perfect match for her generous and positive personality.

Despite her daily struggles, Isabella has remained an extremely happy-go-lucky girl. Her wish trip allowed her to briefly escape the doctors, her illness, and the challenges she faces every day. Her penguin adventure provided her with the hope, strength and joy to continue to fight her battle.

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