Marissa’s Wish

by NPHM | December 13th, 2017

Exploring the world of graphic design gives Marissa a sense of peace and strength. It’s a world where everyone is healthy and happy. Throughout her battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma over the past year, Marissa has turned to her creative talents as a source of comfort. Her inner strength and determination have enabled her to create beautiful works of art.

Despite many visits to physicians and hospitals, Marissa maintains a positive and mature outlook on her diagnosis. Instead of focusing on her illness, she tries to look toward the opportunities her future holds. When she thinks beyond her illness, Marissa sees herself becoming a graphic designer.

When she was enthusiastically referred to Make-A-Wish, Marissa didn’t hesitate to wish for a graphic design computer. Nurenberg Paris worked with Make-A-Wish to make Marissa’s dream come true and provided her with all the software, hardware, and tools she needs to accomplish her future goals, complete with a new desk, chair, and printer. Marissa’s wish experience gives her even more strength to continue to fight her illness. As an artist, she is sketching out a path for a future full of promise and good health.

We were honored to meet Marissa and her family and learn more about her artistic talents. She has been successful in her battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is on track to graduate from high school this year. We wish Marissa much hope, happiness, and good health along her journey.