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Aviation Consumer Protection Committee selected

August 9, 2012

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August 8, 2012

A new Aviation Consumer Protection Committee has been announced, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

“We are committed to protecting and strengthening the rights of consumers when they fly,” said Ray LaHood. “The members of this committee will help us build on the Administration’s already strong record of protecting air travelers.”

All of the committee members have demonstrated experience in both advocating for consumers and working for additional consumer protections.

The committee members are Lisa Madigan, Illinois attorney general, who will chair the committee; David A. Berg, senior vice president at Airlines for America (A4A); Deborah Ale-Flint, director of aviation at Oakland International Airport; and Charles Leocha, director of the Consumer Travel Alliance (CTA).

The Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, signed by President Obama on Feb. 14, mandated the establishment of this committee. The law requires the Secretary of Transportation to appoint to the committee four members with one representative each of air carriers, airport operators, state or local governments, and nonprofit public interest groups with expertise in consumer protection.

The committee will evaluate current aviation consumer protection programs and provide recommendations to the Secretary for improving them, as well as recommend any additional consumer protections that may be needed.

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