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by: NPHM | November 20, 2013

DePuy Johnson & Johnson ASR Hip System Global Resolution

November 20, 2013

The DePuy/Johnson & Johnson ASR hip system litigation has taken a giant step towards global resolution.

Attorneys for the corporations and the victims have tentatively agreed to a global settlement valued at $2.475 billion dollars. This comes nearly 39 months after the hip system was recalled, after 77 million pages of documents were produced and reviewed, and after more than 60 witnesses appeared for depositions across the globe. The depositions lasted a total of 100 days and generated 40,000 pages of testimony.

The settlement seeks to resolve all of the 8,598 cases filed in the Multi-District Litigation (MDL) and the other 3,500 filed in state courts in California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Maryland.

The terms of the settlement as well as eligibility requirements can be viewed at www.asrhipinfo.com. Additional information about registration, enrollment, and claims processing can be obtained through the website and your attorney.

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