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Can Hospitals Trim Liability Costs?

December 17, 2010

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The American Society for Health Care Risk Management and the risk management group of AON Corporation recently released the 2010 Hospital Professional Liability and Physician Liability Benchmark Analysis.

The report indicated that hospitals may need to prepare for increasing liability costs.  Malpractice claims per hospital beds are expect to grow in 2011 and hospitals are trying to find ways to reduce these costs.  The secret may not be in the overall financial structure of the hospitals, but in the way patient safety is handled.  The culture of the hospital setting should always be on patient care and safety.  If hospitals can reduce the risks of falls, accidents and medical negligence by continually and thoroughly evaluating patient treatment initiatives, the malpractice exposure is naturally reduced.

According to Health Leaders Media “A greater commitment to patient safety drives lower liability expenses; the changes that reduce medical liability costs are cultural, not overtly financial, say the experts. ‘First and foremost, the CFO needs to be an ardent supporter of internal quality/safety.’” Releasing patients to their home in better health than they were admitted to the hospital should always be a top priority in all hospitals.

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