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Kidney For Organ Transplant Mistakenly Discarded as Medical Waste

September 28, 2012

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September 28, 2012

Health officials in Ohio are investigating why a kidney that was to be used in an organ transplant was thrown away as medical waste. According to the Toledo Blade, the error occurred at the University of Toledo Medical Center on August 10.

A report on the incident stated the kidney was removed from a man at the facility and was to be transplanted in his sister. The organ was cleaned and put on ice while a part-time nurse in the unit was on lunch break. When the nurse returned, she noticed the organ in the icing apparatus and disposed of it thinking it was bio-hazardous waste. The nurse and another employee were later fired after being found to have not properly followed procedure in the incident.

Hospital officials later released a statement saying the accident was a rare occurrence and the policy and procedures staff members are to follow have been updated to ensure that a similar accident does not occur again in the future. The hospital also sent letters to all patients with upcoming transplants informing them of the mistake that could potentially result in an Ohio Medical Malpractice claim.

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