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Ohio University Reinstates Transplants Following Botched Procedure

December 14, 2012

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December 14, 2012

A hospital in Ohio has resumed performing live kidney transplants following a mix up that resulted in a harvested organ being thrown away as biohazardous waste. According to the Star Tribune, the program had been suspended since the August 10 mistake.

A patient was scheduled to undergo a kidney transplant procedure at the University of Ohio at Toledo hospital that day. The organ was harvested from a live donor and then placed into a special device that would preserve the organ until it could be transferred to the awaiting patient; however, a nurse who had been on break saw the organ in the container and thought someone had forgotten to throw biohazardous material away following a surgery and disposed of it.

The action resulted in the policies and procedures of the entire program coming under scrutiny and even led to the dismissal of the nurse and two other staff members also being reprimanded.

After carefully examining all policies and procedures regarding transplants, and even making a few changes, the program has been reinstated to great success.

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