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Podiatrist faces several medical malpractice lawsuits

August 20, 2012

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August 20, 2012

Nine active lawsuits against a Hilliard podiatrist are pending in Franklin County, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Five of the lawsuits also name Grant Medical Center or Ohio Health, where the podiatrist had performed surgery for nearly 26 years.

The podiatrist continues to operate his practice and still has privileges at the Dublin and Marysville surgical centers.

A spokesman for the doctor said that the podiatrist resigned his hospital privileges because he “was feeling pressured by orthopedic surgeons who were not happy that a podiatrist was performing highly technical surgeries such as ankle replacements. He elected to take his privileges to surgery centers where they welcomed the skills he has to offer.”

A licensed podiatrist in Ohio since 1973, the doctor is in good standing with the State Medical Board. The mere filing of malpractice lawsuits against a physician is not reported to the State Medical Board.

Court records show that the podiatrist has been a defendant in 12 other malpractice lawsuits in Franklin County. Five were settled out of court, four were dismissed by judges, and three resulted in jury verdicts in favor of the doctor.

Of the 21 lawsuits that have named him as a defendant, 11 have been filed since 2009.

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