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New Research Shows Mild Brain Injuries Could Result in Life-Long Complications

July 22, 2011

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July 22, 2011

New research presented Monday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Paris, France, has shown that even mild brain injuries can increase the risks of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia later in life, not just moderate or severe brain injuries as previously thought.  A story by WEWS Channel 5 News told of new studies working with returning military troops, and the other, retired National Football League (NFL) players.

In the veterans study, researchers looked at the medical records of over 280,000 veterans who received care at a Veterans Health Administration hospital and had at least one follow up visit for their condition. Of those cases, 4,902 veterans had suffered a traumatic brain injury, ranging from a concussion to a skull fracture. Results showed that these veterans were twice as likely to suffer from dementia later in life than the average person.

The other study followed 513 retired NFL players over the age of 50 whose spouses were able to assess the player’s memory. Test results of 41 of the players showed cognitive impairment comparable to that of a 70-year-old patient, a much older age demographic. These findings suggest full contact athletes stand a greater risk of dementia later in life.

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