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The Journey of a Personal Injury Claim

April 27, 2020

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There’s no getting around it—accidents and injuries can put victims and their families in serious financial trouble. In addition to typically requiring emergency medical treatments, overnight stays in the hospital, and physical rehabilitation, serious injuries can also put victims out of work. And when accident victims aren’t working, they’re not earning the paychecks they depend on for day-to-day expenses.

Thankfully, the American legal system gives innocent victims the opportunity to file civil claims against the parties who caused their injuries, whether directly or indirectly. Many personal injury firms tout how much money they can win for you, but how does a phone call or consultation turn into a settlement check months later?

The 10-Step Process from Injury to Settlement Check

After some injuries, victims may experience a one-step process—the insurance company catches wind of the accident, knows it has a losing battle on its hands, and offers a settlement right away. The victim accepts, and that’s the end of it. But accepting the insurance company’s initial offer is rarely in a victim’s best interests, as insurers are known for offering lowball settlements to protect their profits.

Calling a lawyer means a longer, more complex process, but it maximizes victims’ chances of getting fair compensation for their current and future injury-related expenses. Here’s how it works:

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Is Going to Court Necessary After Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

One step in the infographic above describes preparing for trial. Although this is a possible outcome when pursuing compensation for an accident or injury, it’s not common. As much as insurance companies want to avoid paying appropriate settlements to victims, they want to avoid going to trial even more.

Our Ohio personal injury lawyers know how insurance companies operate, and we use that knowledge to get them to agree to fair settlements as often as possible. That said, we don’t hesitate to escalate claims to the courtroom if insurance companies refuse to pay our clients the money they deserve. You should never have to live with a settlement that leaves you in need of additional compensation months or years in the future when the money runs out but your accident-related expenses are still there.

Our Legal Team Has Your Back Every Step of the Way

The process of going from accident scene to settlement check seems convoluted and complex, and it is—for us. It’s our job to handle the red tape, the legalese, the back-and-forth with the insurance company, and even the courtroom if necessary. Meanwhile, your job is to get better. That means going to doctor’s appointments, undergoing rehabilitation, and spending time with your family and other loved ones.

Trust our experience. We’ve helped injured victims throughout Ohio for 90 years, and we know what it takes to win. Contact us today for a free consultation and to get started on the journey towards full compensation.

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